kitchen cleaning hacks

kitchen cleaning The presents have been unwrapped, the parties are over, you’re back to work, and now it’s time to face the new year — and the state of your house.

Don’t worry: It sounds more daunting than it actually is. Because we’ve got you covered with 30 super-smart cleaning hacks — including the easiest and laziest way to de-clutter your home, the secret to getting roast remnants out of your Dutch oven, and the DIY vacuum attachment that lets you reach the teeniest cracks and crevices.

Ready, set, clean!

  1. Cut a Corner Off Your Sponge
    kitchen cleaning service You know that sponge you use to clean the dishes with? And the other sponge you use to wipe down the walls? Keep track of which one is which with this smart trick: Just cut off the corner of the sponge you use for the dirty work.
  2. Put a Cotton Ball in Your Trash Can
    Garbage stinks. It’s a fact of life. But here’s a trick to make it a little less smelly — or rather, smelly in a good way. Take a cotton ball, soak it in essential oil, and drop it in your bin (underneath the liner or the bag). It’s an easy and inexpensive odor-fighter that helps keep your trash from getting too pungent.
  3. Try the Laundry Basket Method
    If you’ve got little piles of clutter everywhere, a laundry basket (you can get a cheap one from the dollar store) is a brilliant way to consolidate all the things that are out of place. If you’re in a hurry (say, company’s coming), just stash the laundry basket out of sight; if you’ve got time, walk around with the laundry basket and put all the things back where they belong.
  4. Set a Timer
    This tip was a game-changer for one of our writers. The idea is simple: Set a timer and work until the buzzer goes off. You may finish the dishes early and, at the very least, you’ll know exactly how long you have to subject yourself to some mundane task.
  5. Polish a Stainless Steel Sink with Flour
    If you have a stainless steel sink, the single best thing you can do for it is to polish it with flour. Wash and dry the sink, sprinkle the whole thing flour, and then get to buffing. You’ll be surprised at how sparkly the metal gets!
  6. Harness the Power of Cooking Spray
    A weird-but-effective way to clean your bathroom? PAM cooking spray. Not only will it remove soap scum from your tub, but it can also shine your faucets, clean your glass surfaces, and even stop your bathroom door from squeaking!
  7. Keep Some Chalk in Your Kitchen
    Here’s something we bet you didn’t know: Chalk is super-absorbent, which makes it an excellent stain stick. Remove any excess food and oil from the soiled garment with a clean paper towel — and cover the entire spot with chalk. Then, before you toss your oil-stained item in the laundry, rub the spot with a little stain remover or laundry detergent, wash it in hot water, and your oily spot should be gone.

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